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Luxury Velvet Sahe Chithi ✨


Our Sahe Chithi’s are OUT! Velvet Foiled Book adorned with a photo of your choice! Please note you will need to add your own image into the velvet pocket on the inside lid, which is 8x6" landscape.


Acrylic is available in Gold! Boxes come in Cream & Red.

Make gifting that extra special with our bespoke made Luxury Sahe Chithi Books ✨🤍


We require the following details:

- Brides Name

- Parents Names

- Grooms Name

- In Laws Names 

- Date

- Venue

- Timings for the Morning (milni, tea and breakfast, anand karaj and langar) (optional)


- Please note that due to this being a natural type of material the sizing, colour and laser may cause some natural markings, alterations and minor size difference.

- Once payment for the item has been made - no refund or cancellation will then be honoured. Please ensure all details are correct at the time of ordering as they are sent to our print partner via our automated ordering service. You cannot amend or make changes without a fee if required. 

- We do not print the images, you will need to print and insert the image into the frame we provide. This is 8x6"

- We require 14 business days to personalise, print and quality check before ANY order is shipped.


- We do allow the template to be customised so can be in English & Punjabi. 

Luxury Velvet Boxed Sahe Chithi

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