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Welcome to Created By GG! We specialise in wedding stationery, invitations and on the day stationery providing handcrafted products with a unique and vibrant look. 
CBGG was founded by husband and wife duo to honour our roots through a more authentic and sustainable approach to curating and selling luxury wedding stationery. It is our mission to create a future that intertwines generational wisdom with positive, progressive change and our timeless products are a testament to just how beautiful that can be.
For the longest time we were in search of a wedding planning book, stationery & timeless pieces which actually catered for the modern day Bride & Groom, Indian events, and in particular Sikh weddings, that's where we come in.

The founders of CBGG, Giran Gandam & Dalveer Gandam, realised there was a massive opportunity in the market when they first launched in August 2019. Wedding planning is time-consuming and stressful at the best of times so with this in mind the business was founded. 

Created By GG, luxury is not just a word, a price or brand. Luxury is the service we pride ourselves with when it comes to our clients. 


With COVID-19 ruining so many couples special & precious moments across the world, including Giran & Dal's (the founders of CBGG) own wedding. CBGG was launched with one sole aim in mind, to bring back excitement into every couple's journey before marriage. 


With a love for creating bespoke designs and bringing uniqueness to the market, we are able to provide customers with exclusive designs to truly mark your special moments.


We have also featured in Tatler, British Vogue & Khush Magazine for being a true champion in our field. 






We have always been asked what made us want to begin Wedding Stationery & Sikh Wedding Planners. For the longest time we were searching for something to help us plan our wedding day. With so much to think about, traditions, rituals & events we really began to find ourselves stressing and enjoying the process less as time went by! Then COVID- 19 hit us! 

We begun writing lists, notes from conversations, asking elders what each ceremony meant, which soon turned into an actual diary! We remember having sheets & sheets of paper falling all over the place, scribbles from conversations with family members & drawings all over this notepad - being the organised OCD individuals we are, we took some time out to type this up and found ourselves just randomly changing colours, fonts & then adding illustrations! We cannot tell you the exact moment we knew we wanted to share this with the rest of the community of brides but all we can say is we have never looked back! 

With no real guide on the market to assist those of us with little or no help from family because they either do not know the traditions, unaware of some, first wedding in the family or just because it is not common knowledge - you cannot go wrong with this essential guide created by us.

The Wedding Stationery business which puts you first!

Let's get planning...

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