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Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately, even wedding invitations and stationery are subject to “the legal bit”. We therefore recommend you take time to read through the following Terms & Conditions – once payment for an order is received, orders are provided on the basis that a customer has read, understood and accepted these Terms. Created By GG accepts no liability if any of these Terms are not met and/or understood that results in delayed/missing etc. orders. For any orders where there are any issues via third party businesses we use to undertake and complete your order must be flagged to us within 24 hours. A reprint is always the first point of call for any printing errors before a refund is explored. For damage all claims will be processed with the courier before a reprint can be actioned except in extraordinary circumstances.

If any of the following require clarification, please contact us by email at, or by using the contact form on our website.

These Terms and Conditions will apply to any contract between us for the sale of goods and services to you.

Your acceptance of our quote will take place when you place your order with CBGG, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and CBGG.

1.  Ordering & Payments

  1. All pricing is shown inclusive of VAT. Created By GG is a limited company registered in the UK and VAT registered 455 7501 82

  2. Orders are placed using one of two methods; either directly via our website, or through the request of a quote which we can then created to be transacted through the website. Quotes are valid for 30 days and we reserve the right to change pricing at any point, at which stage the website will be updated to reflect changes in costs.

  3. All orders are payable in full and up-front.

  4. Commencement of your order will not begin until your order has been paid for in full. 

  5. We do not take deposits.

  6. Orders placed via the website is done so at the clients own risk. Created By GG takes no responsibility for incorrect items ordered when done so via the website.

  7. It is the clients responsibility to ask any questions prior to placing an order to ensure that they are fully informed of their choices before payment. Created By GG will not, under any circumstance, replace, reprint or refund any order that has been made by the client via the website that turns out to be incorrect. 

2. Proofing

      1. Before work can being on your order you will be sent a request for your information by email to begin the electronic proofing process; this proofing process, including but not limited to  content and personalisation, colour, layout etc.

        1. The entire proofing process must be completed via email and must be completed on-time to ensure that the production of your order can be fulfilled to a schedule.

        2. Deadline dates will be given if timescales are tight and these must be adhered to; deadlines dates are given to ensure production of your items can be completed in a timely manner.

        3. Created By GG takes no responsibility for delays in proofing rounds due to poor organisation and missed deadlines.

        4. First proofing rounds are completed within 5 business days. Subsequent proofing rounds also take up to 3 business days to complete. These do not include weekends, bank holidays or days the studio is scheduled to be shut.

        5. Proofs with mock-up print files are sent by email and we arrange two further rounds of proofs included within the cost of your order. Any subsequent proofs required due to customer requirements are charged at £15 per round, which must be paid before any additional proofs are created and sent.

        6. We ask clients to provide us with the information to create the proofs, including any custom requests including colour changes. As we primarily copy and paste information it is the customer's responsibility to check spelling, grammar and details of the initial details sent to us, and the proofs created following this.

        7. We do not amend any inaccuracies. Furthermore, any information where we have not copied directly is open to human error. Therefore we advise clients not to presume information is always copied accurately, and to check every round of proofs against the original details sent, to ensure accuracy. We expect clients to do this on every round sent.

        8. Please note, if you have had previous stationery items from us, do not assume that proofs for subsequent items will be sent in exactly the same format, colour etc. We cannot keep files due to GDPR and therefore are not able to refer back to previous work for specifics such as layout, font choices, colour etc.It is up to the client to stipulate key areas that need to be changed in order to match previous orders.

        9. Created By GG is not responsible for any items that are sent that do not match those that came before - proofing is used for this reason.

        10. It is the customer's responsibility to check all proofs received for errors, layout, spacing, grammar, colour and that all elements (inserts, belly bands, envelopes etc) are included in every set of proofs we send. Created By GG cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or missing elements once proofs are signed off, even if these elements have been included previously.

        11. Clients are responsible for checking ALL their details are included and correct on every round of proofs sent. It is down to the client to read and action any email sent from Created By GG in a timely manner, especially when timescales are tight. Due to limited resources, Created By GG will not chase couples for information if emails have not been replied to and take no responsibility if deadlines are missed as a result of clients not actioning emails sent to them.

        12. We are a very busy team and continued chasing causes delay in production to other clients and backlog; therefore please read every email carefully and thoroughly to ensure that you are not missing any action points, and action any point appropriately and in a timely manner.

        13. For any items that are personalised (such as envelopes, invitations) a PDF will be sent to you of the entire set of personalised files once you have agreed to sign off. This will be sent prior to sign off. These files must be checked thoroughly to ensure that names are spelt correctly, names are not missing, lines are included where names will not be entered, formatting etc.

        14. Once you have checked these over as well, the sign off link will then be provided to you. Once signed off files will be printed. If errors are found following this Created By GG will not reprint files without further charges being applicable.

        15. Only sign off once you are happy that all personalisation is correct and included.

        16. The signing off process takes place via a email link and form; this is a mandatory requirement of the proofing process and no production or printing will commence until this process has been followed. Failure to do so in due time can result in your order not being completed. Created By GG is not responsible if deadlines are missed due to sign off not occurring.

        17. Due to limited resources, Created By GG will not chase couples for their sign off as this can delay other clients' order production and create a backlog. It is the responsibility of the client to read and sign off their proofs in a timely manner, and to contact Created By GG if they cannot sign off for any reason.

        18. Do not assume that work will begin in this instance; sign off is mandatory and no work will begin until sign off is complete.

        19. We strongly advise clients check their items and report any errors before sending them to guests or displaying them at a venue. You need to check your items and report errors within 24 hours of receipt.

        20. If, in unfortunate circumstances your stationery is found to have errors on them once received, please contact us in this instance as we offer discounted reprints for customer approved errors. 

        21. Under no circumstances will Created By GG provide replacements for free if errors are found once proofs have been agreed to and signed-off. Errors include, but not limited to incorrect spelling, grammar, layout, colour etc. We will also not reprint any items that have been damaged in transport, that then need further changes made. Original like-for-like replacements are sent only and no further adjustments to the proofs will be made unless paid for.

        22. Upon completion of the proofing phase, items are immediately committed to print. It is therefore recommended that proofs are only signed off when details & specifics are no longer subject to change. Once printed, proofs cannot be changed and any subsequent changes requiring a reprint will result in an order being payable in full.

        23. If a client wishes to change from one design to another following the issuance of an initial digital draft, this will require a fee of £50, to cover the time taken already.

        24. If you require wording variations for invitations or inserts including different information and invites in a different language, there may be charges applicable and therefore we urge clients to contact us prior to ordering so that we can inform you of the charges before placing the order. 

3. Bespoke Service

    1. Created By GG works with a number of artists for the creation of illustrative work. This work remains the intellectual property of the original creator and can not be distributed, duplicated or re-sold without the express permission of the original artist and / or Created By GG.

    2. Any bespoke set of stationery created remains solely the property of Created By GG. Any client found to be editing, duplicating, or re-producing work created by Created By GG will be subject to legal resolution.

    3. Created By GG reserves the right to re-use any design concepts created for future customers.

4. Invitation Assembly

    1. All of our designs come with each individual part ready to use. We do not send invitations fully-assembled which includes but is not limited to belly bands, wax seals, vellum jackets, envelope liners. 

    2. You have the option on every order to request a tape pen to adhere belly bands, liners etc. We strongly recommend this offer is taken up, however you are able to source your own upon receipt of your order if required.

    3. If in the event a custom order is made for you, it is the responsibility of the client to request one at the point of quotation; one will not be provided as standard.

    4. If you have any issues with assembly then please email us. We do not provide assembly instructions as the vast majority of clients do not require them, however these can be provided upon request.  

5. Delivery

    1. To protect stationery in transit, all items are very carefully packaged and leave us in excellent condition. In the highly unlikely event that items are damaged in transit, you must report any damaged items to us within 24 hours of receiving your order.

    2. Any damage reported to us after this period will be classified as damaged after arrival (not due to courier) and will not be replaced.

    3. Once reported to us, we will send a shipping label to you by email to attach to the box for it to be shipped back to us. The label is valid for 7 days only. Failure to take the damaged order to the courier service within these 7 days will result in this label being null and void and the items will not be collected.

    4. In this instance it is the responsibility of the client to then arrange for the items to be sent back at their own expense. Created By GG will not pay for a second consignment if the client fails to return the item to the courier within 7 days.

    5. We also strongly advise that once you are in receipt of your items that you check them thoroughly before assembly/display/posting. Created By GG cannot be held responsible for client approved errors and once items have been received any approved errors need to be reported. 

    6. Dependent upon size and quantities, stationery orders are sent by Royal Mail, or courier. Where applicable a tracking code will be provided.

    7. For stationery where there is a short notice requirement, there may be occasions where orders are sent directly from our printing partners. Delivery timescales will be communicated to you when preparing your initial quotation or preparing your order for shipment.

    8. Once within the delivery network Created By GG is not responsible for delivery timescales. Customers will need to contact the relevant shipping party with their tracking code for further information.

    9. Created By GG is committed to doing its bit for the environment - it is standard practice to re-use delivery boxes obtained from supply orders and use them for client orders.

    10. Delivery addresses are taken from the Shipping Address provided at the time of checkout, and that is associated with your order. It is the client's responsibility to make sure this address is accurate AT THE TIME OF CHECKOUT. Please note, that due to the delivery method you may be required to sign for your delivery. We cannot take responsibility for any lost items and if an incorrect address is found to be used, no refunds will be issued.

    11. Also note, commercial addresses are NOT to be used for shipping addresses due to frequent loss of item. You house address is the only shipping address we will accept.

    12. Created By GG are not responsible for any damage sustained to invitations during transport to guests.

    13. Created By GG does ship outside of the UK, internationally.

    14. If an item arrives damage from a third party (outsourced printing such as boards etc) then we will require pictures of both the damage and the box it arrived in. Failure to produce either of these will result in no replacements being arranged; we cannot claim without photographic evidence. We will only re-print the original artwork sent in these cases - we will not amend files that have already been printed once - you will receive a like-for-like replacement only. 

6. Lead Times

    1. Our minimum lead time is 4 weeks, however as every order is individual and will take different amounts of time, a maximum lead time is not always possible, but we would hope this would be less than 6 weeks. Please allow a MINIMUM of 4-6 weeks for any order.

    2. Typically we require 10 working days for the first draft, 3 working days for subsequent rounds and 14 days for print and production following sign off. You must contact us before placing an order if you think these time frames are too long, to determine our exact lead time at that specific moment.

    3. Created By GG will not be responsible for missed deadlines or provide refunds on order whereby the client has not reached out or informed us of their requirements prior to placing an order. It is the clients responsibility to be up front and honest regarding their required timeframes before purchase.

8. Advertising

    1. We reserve the right to use pictures of your invitations / stationery for advertising and marketing purposes.

    2. Any photographs taken of your stationery will be used for promotional means once your order is completed unless a request is at sign off not to do so.

9. Receipt of Order 

    1. We expect clients to check their order within 24 hours of receipt. If items are considered to be missing we require to be informed within 24 hours of receipt.

    2. We expect clients to thoroughly check their order the day they receive it, and no later.

10. Copyright

  1. If opting for religious text/scriptures, poems or readings for any Wedding Stationery clients are responsible for ensuring that permission is granted to use any material that will be included in your wedding stationery and indemnify Created By GG against any breach of copyright.

  2. Any and all designs are, and remain the intellectual property of Created By GG Limited, it's associates and owners. Designs will not be sold, leased or given to any person. This also covers any design work including, but not limited to venue illustrations, couple illustrations, any design work displayed on our website, social media or elsewhere in its entirety.  All work is retained by Created By GG. 

These Terms and Conditions are between you and CBGG. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms, whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

These Terms and Conditions (and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in relation to them) shall be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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