03 Jan 2021

The world's first complete Sikh Wedding Planner for bride's groom's and couples! - WOW did I ever think I would be saying that?! Nope. 


It’s taken me months and months of fine tuning this handbook but with the amount of love and support I have received until date I have never looked back and am so pleased to be able to offer a planner in such a niche market! 


I have always been asked what made me want to begin Wedding Stationery & Indian Wedding Planners. For the longest time I was searching for something to help me plan my wedding day.

With so much to think about, traditions, rituals & events I really begun to find myself stressing & enjoying the process less as time went by! Then COVID- 19 hit us! 


I begun writing lists, notes from conversations, asking elders what each ceremony meant, which soon turned into an actual diary! I remember having sheets & sheets of paper falling all over the place, scribbles from conversations with family members & drawings all over this notepad - me being the organised OCD person I am, I took some time out to type this up and found myself just randomly changing colours, fonts & then adding illustrations! I cannot tell you the exact moment I knew I wanted to share this with the rest of the community of brides but all I can say is I have never looked back! 

With nothing really on the market to help those of us who may not know all the traditions, what is required for each event, the meaning behind such important ceremonies and so many other reasons - it was a no brainer for me to share what I had complied over months with the rest of the community! There is no real Indian Wedding Planning Book let alone one specific to the Sikh culture - so it is a very proud moment for me to be able to showcase something for my very own community! 

Wedding planning should never feel like a chore, a mundane task or then stressful to the point you want to avoid it. 

We hope here at Created By GG we can help you plan for your big day in a way which lightens the mood, makes planning fun and engages family and friends in conversations and know - how. 

Happy Wedding Planning!

Love Giran (a fellow bride to be)