03 Jan 2021

Here I am writing my first ever blog post! Yes, I actually mean that! Did I ever think I would be doing this - the real answer is no! 

I have taken some time off to really vamp up my designs, content, website and social media platforms so it would be rude to not share our story behind the beautifully curated Sikh/Indian Wedding Planners we launched on the market in 2020!

Grab a coffee or a cup of tea - you really won't want to miss out on what others think about our products. I promise you'll want to know so much more about our story and if you aren't already convinced on making a purchase then by the end of this you will be!

O.M.G - I do not even know where to begin. I often get asked what the real turning point was or when I knew I wanted to launch this product. The answer to all these questions is I actually genuinely can't name a date or definite moment. All I know is that the response has been phenomenal. 


This is definitely the first of its kind in the UK & Worldwide for Sikh Weddings! So many of you would have seen me offering these on my Etsy & personal profile where I showcase snippets of my wedding & wedding inspiration!


Below is a list of some reviews that get mentioned often! We are so proud of how far we have come so would love to share this moment and let you know what others think of our work too!



Not only is the planner personalised with the name, it also showcases Indian heritage through illustrations! The planner is so beautifully presented in a luxury hardback cover and placed in a satin filled box embossed with the stunning logo of this brand.


Size Variations
The ability to choose from A5 or A4 is great! There is variety of someone who wants a compact planner and for someone who would like a larger planner with content spread out a little more. It is also perfect for the all important appointments, calls and family discussions!


Amazing Content

The detail and illustrations are just so beautiful I have not seen anything on the market that caters for Sikh Weddings! The perfect gift and keepsake for a couple planning their big day!



This is the handiest handbook you never knew you needed if you are a bride to be or know someone getting married! There are things you would not have even thought of until you purchase this planner!



With over 7 different cover designs and two new bridal planners just added to the collection you will be spoilt for choice! 

New designs are added 3 times a year!


I purchased the wedding planner for my best friend as a gift and she’s going to love it! Amazing design and so well thought out! The communication and service was amazing as I was kept updated right until the planner was delivered!


5 Star Reviews

We have in the space of 1 year sold just over 700 planners and gained numerous amounts of reviews on our website and Etsy where we first started our journey!

We thank you for joining us on our journey and allowing us to be a part of your big day!

Check us out on @Createdbygg_ and be sure to take us in your purchase using #CreatedByGG for reposts!